GRAPHITE: How to Choose Graphite Pencils

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As part of our Artist How-To Series on Graphite, Artist Sarah Becktel Brings you her tips on selecting the right pencils for your drawings.

Sarah discusses various types of graphite pencils including wood-cased pencils in different core and barrel sizes. Some artists use smaller core pencils for line and details, and thicker core pencils for shading large areas.

Other artists prefer mechanical pencils which don't require sharpening and also let the artist adjust the size of the led.

Some artists also like to use woodless pencils that are made entirely of graphite and have a lacquer coating on the outside to keep your hands clean. These pencils give the artist tons of graphite to work with.

Special led sharpeners and sandpaper work nicely to create sharper points or rounder tips with graphite pencils.

Sarah also explains the HB Graphite Scale which explains how hard or soft a pencil is and how light or dark the tone will look as it's applied to paper.

Paper used in video: Strathmore 400 Series Heavyweight Drawing:

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