How to draw scenery of Moonlight night scene with pencil sketch step by step (easy drawing video)

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Today I have come up with new drawing video.Shown on this video-"How to draw scenery oof night scene step by step.How to draw very easily and how to mix colours,you can understand that in this drawing video.

I made the drawing video for the Beginner's and for kids...Olders are welcome✋

You have seen and saw the drawing videos,all of the "Naim Drawing Academy"'s own creations.

[N.B.: Each video tutorials takes 30 minutes to 40 minutes to draw pictures,it's to tmuch time-consuming.So I have shown the rules and techniques of drawing only on this video]

If you dn't understand anything,If you need any help or if there is a request for a drawing.. Enter the comment below the video.

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