HYPERREALISM - 300 working hours drawing charcoal and graphite! Made by Emanuele Dascanio

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Hyperrealistic drawing made with charcoal and graphite in over 300 hours of work by Emanuele Dascanio.

TITLE: "Praise of idleness"

SIZE: 100 x 70 cm

MEDIUM: charcoal and graphite LYRA on Canson paper

YEAR: 2017

The title is inspire by an essay of bBertrand Russel. A true theoretical of idleness is elaborated by the English thinker Bertrand Russell, in the essay "Praise of idleness", in which he emphasizes the importance of useless knowledge in comparison to practical knowledge. It will indeed be these "idlers", who were opposed to a multitude of timeless workers at their disposal, to create new horizons for science, literature and culture in general.

Emanuele Dascanio is an Italian artist who has exhibited with artists of international fame and his works are present in various museums and collections around the world, including Italy, Dublin, Brussels, Singapore, Monte Carlo, Spain, New York.

Winner of 3 awards at Art Renewal Center

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INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/emanuele_dascanio

Tools i used:

_ Lyra Rembrandt Art Design Set: https://www.fila.it/it/it/prodotto/lyra-rembrandt-art-design-set

_ Lyra Art Specials Set: https://www.fila.it/it/it/prodotto/lyra-art-specials-set/

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