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This is the digest for the latest posts tagged Film today (Mar 21st, 2018):

Gaslighting the Queen

,Re: Re: Birth: Rejection of the Legitimate and Dangers of Acceptance

,What’s a teen comedy without a dumb jock or a character makeover?

,A Guide to taking Better Street Photographs with Less Effort.

,Natalia Almada’s “Everything Else” Acquired by Cinema Tropical

,Ready Player One Review

,Her — Boy Meets Advanced Artificial Intelligence

This is the digest for the latest posts tagged Music today (Mar 21st, 2018):

I’ve got someone I’d like you to meet…

,THE LIST — First Week of Spring

,All of a sudden, it happened. I happened. Life happened.

,HIGHEST RATED⭐⭐⭐-YouTube Mastermind — How to Grow a Channel & Audience

,It Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

,Doo-Wop: Why They Keep Going

,An Anxious Wreck

,Dear Musicians: Conversation Is The New Connection

,2 Months 2 Master


This is the digest for the latest posts tagged True Crime today (Mar 21st, 2018):

7 True Crime Documentaries to Stream This Weekend

,Why Are Women Obsessed With True Crime?

,The men convicted of terrorism and gang offences who I’ve dealt with daily for many years are not…

,Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony and The Menendez Brothers

,Restless Oklahoma: Tulsa’s Hex House

,Pamela Smart: Should she be Freed?

,The Strange Case of the Man With No Name

,I worked in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1998–2000, he looks like he is from northern…

,On Dorothy Marcic’s ‘With One Shot: Family Murder and a Search for Justice’

,A Brief History of the Prison Bae

,I was surprised to read this well-thought-out article…and realise how much I assume everyone knows…

,Would You Forgive a Killer?

This is the digest for the latest posts tagged Lit today (Mar 21st, 2018):

The Shape of Writing

,Lit Up: On words that brighten our days

,Wow, I’m humbled by the feature! Thanks, DiAmaya Dawn!


,Dreaming in Stories

,An introduction to Same Sex in the City


,the short stories in the Life of Fiction collection

,Whitman’s Ever Returning Spring

,Truth Be Told

,Seriously, folks…

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