Learn to make 3d letters from paper, letter S s

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Learn to make 3d letters easily origami work. letter S s

This is an art of paper this type of 3d paper art is invented by me in 2004. If anyone wants learn this art keep watching my tutorials for only personal use not for earning on internet purpose.

In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a 3d letter s easily yourself. This is a beautiful art which is used to decorate the walls of your living rooms, bed rooms, drawing rooms, school class, offices of any other places where you can fix it with any solution.

Its an easy task after making your required letter you have to fix on walls either you can lay them straight or a half circle style. decoration of all places is an important part of emerging life, if you don't want to spent too much money on decoration so you should decorate it by paper art works.

This is video tutorial of 3d letter s I'll upload more letters time by time if you have required any letter tutorial you can tell me in comment I'll make it first.

Thank you so much.

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