Sunset Scenery with Oil Pastel for beginners - Step by Step

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In this video I show you how to draw beautiful Sunset Scenery, using oil pastels.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Sunset Scenery 2 👉


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Material used

Oil pastel (cheap) 👉

Oil pastel (good) 👉

Smooth paper (cheap) 👉

Another option 👉

Smooth paper (good) 👉

Pencil (2H-12B) 👉

White Glass marking pencil 👉

Paper tape 👉

Masking tape 👉

Tissue Paper (for blending)


White Gel Pen 👉

10B/9B Graphite Pencil 👉

White Correction pen 👉

watch this video for how to make circle with tape for sun easily 👉


Flower (Free) by Morgan Matthews

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