Super Smash Bros 4 All Cutscenes Movie / All Character Trailers | Wii U and 3DS 【FULL HD】

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All Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS Trailers in one video (Latest character trailers: Bayonetta, Cloud & Corrin @ 1080p 60fps)

Timestamps are below, so go ahead and click any to re-watch your favorite super smash bros 4 cutscenes movie / character trailer!

Super Smash Bros Switch Reveal

Super Smash Bros 5 Playlist:

Kirby Star Allies All Boss Characters

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gameplay


Upcoming movies 2018 Playlist:

0:05 SSB 3DS/Wii U 1st Trailer

1:53 Mega man joins the battle!

3:19 Wii Fit Trainer Joins the Battle!

4:09 Sonic Joins the Battle!

4:42 Rosalina - Comet Observatory

7:14 Little Mac - Champion of the Ring

9:13 Charizard - Challenger From the Shadows

9:49 Greninja

11:26 Mii - Reggie Vs. Iwata

13:08 Amiibo - Iwata Vs. Reggie

14:18 Palutena - Goddess of Light (animation)

16:51 Dark Pit Crashes in

17:08 Pac-Man - Red, Blue, Yellow

18:20 Mr. Game & Watch walks in

18:37 Lucina - Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame

18:52 Captain Falcon is still here

19:18 Robin Let's bring the whole fire emblem cast to smash

20:33 Marth and Ike has return

21:05 Female Robin

21:17 Shulk - Looks like we don't have a choice!

23:18 Bowser Jr. - The Future King

24:36 Koopalings

25:18 Duck Hunt - One Dog, One Bird, One Zapper

27:30 Mewtwo - He's coming

27:53 Mewtwo - Strikes Back!

28:56 Lucas - Comes Out of Nowhere!

30:20 Roy - seals the deal!

31:36 Ryu - Here comes a new challenger!

33:11 Cloud - Storms into Battle!

36:00 Corrin - Chooses to Smash!

37:46 Female Corrin

38:27 Bayonetta - Gets Wicked!

Treat this as if you were watching super smash bros 4 the movie! So there we have it, the complete package. Let's hope they make a Super Smash Bros 5 for the Nintendo NX in the future & you can be sure I'll make a Super Smash Bros 5 The Movie too.

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