ASMR | Where is Haleigh Cummings? PART 3 | Everyone is lying ?

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Recently I got a lot of request for soft speaking on this True Crime videos. I get what they are asking and why so I decided to switch it up.

Hope you still enjoy the content on part 3 of Haleigh Cummings disappearance series.

⇟In this video we go over some questionable behavior on Haleigh's paternal grandmother, we explore some of the things Misty claims and police finding evidence that proves otherwise and overall this feeling that everyone is lying but why ? What are they hiding ?

Please feel free to share what you think they are hiding.

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⇟This is like any other crime a true tragedy and a sad case. Follow along as we reveal what truly happened in this case and why ending somebody's life IS NEVER THE ANSWER to a problem.

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Triggers include : whispering, mouth sounds, close up whispering, blue yeti microphone & true crime story.Today mostly soft speaking.

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